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Every year, Feed 9 Billion (Feed9b) conducts the Food Entrepreneurship, Exploration & Design (FEED) Camp, an ideation bootcamp that is held in November. It brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, food innovators, scientists and representatives from food-centric organsations to brainstorm innovative solutions that could disrupt the industry in the areas of food science and production, agriculture technology, food delivery, grocery shopping, and food waste management.

During the bootcamp, participants will form teams to compete for the top three prizes of more than $100,000 with their ideas.

Connect with like-minded changemakers

  • Innovators and Entrepreneurs 
    Individuals with a passion in food venturing 
  • Scientists 
    Experts in their field who are keen to commercialise their most innovative and cutting edge research 
  • Corporate Representatives 
    Middle managers and above looking to implement new innovative ideas to current industry processes and issues

Explore new concepts in food innovation

  • Achieve a greater understanding of entrepreneurship in Food Venturing
  • Gain both business and food science know-how and discover how stakeholders such as Temasek Polytechnic has enabled entrepreneurial food innovators
  • Discover Design Thinking; develop new ideas and approaches to a real food-centric problem statement

Get immersed and exposed to the local entrepreneurial landscape 

  • Embrace the traditional and innovative business insights from successful companies that have ventured and succeeded
  • Develop a deeper understanding of current industry practices and efforts that formed novel food innovations 
  • Brainstorm and explore new ideas with innovators and industry veterans 

Ideate -  solutions based on a real-life problem statement 

  • Form your teams and ideate for a creative and viable solution that can create and deliver value to the food ecosystem. 
  • Frame and design your solution for success 
  • Pitch your idea to investors panels

Develop your own problem statement or take on a challenge

  • Re-imagining sugar 
  • Instant-food: How to reduce the processed ingredients 
  • Sustainable convenience packaging 
  • Disrupting the food supply chain 
  • … And many more! 

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